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Italy is portrayed as being expensive for travellers but I found some real good value deals on hotels I've provided links to the excellent mostly family run hotels that I stayed with on my trip. I certainly wasn't dissapointed with any of my choices my expectations were more than fulfilled and I can fully recommend all of these listed below



"TRAVEL IN VENICE" vaporetto's (water buses) buy a travel card for the duration of your stay its great value and can be used for trips to the Islands too... available for 24 or 72hrs and 7days they need to be validated .....walking is no hardship (well if you've packed comfy shoes ) and you take a really good map (or you could end up using twice as much shoe leather)....I used an Insight fleximap very durable a necessity when its used that much its also very clear & easy to follow *Don't forget when booking your hotel count the canals (and therefore the bridges) en route from the nearest vaporetto'll have to carry any cases over the bridges and you'll regret those extra items you just couldn't travel without* Baggage can be delivered at a price per piece by "Cooperativa Trasbagagli" tel: 041 731 719 between 8am-6pm

"FOOD" Trattorie are family run restaurants serving popular local hearty dishes, Bacari are bars that sell wine & snacks like tapas, Osterie are old drinking places that serve simple home cooked food. and of course "Pizza" is cheap, filling & available on every street corner.......even in the very near vicinity of San Marco I bought a huge slice for just €1.10 to go .....although your allowed to eat in as long as you stand & be good!.

"WATER" is drinkable from the tap I did and still here!! no need to keep buying bottled one will do and re-fill with the free stuff to take on trips

"DRIVING" a pleasure the ROMANS ( I'm presuming all Italians are direct descendants )know how to build roads with signs that actually get you to your destination without the usual multi detours trying to trace the dissapearing sign.......*but Don't forget you're supposed to use lights at ALL times *

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......."THE DIARY" .......

I like many other non Italians had a yearning to experience the magic, the romance, the pictorial scenery and this year at last I fullfilled that dream!!.....If you haven't yet done so a visit to my "Photolog Travel Guides" of "Venice" & the "Italian Lakes" will at the very least give you a flavor of whats in store ........because I'm afraid it will wet your appetite to experience & live!! the dream

3rd July at last the day has arrived to make my journey to the destination that has been on my hit list for years (since I watched the film "Room with a View", the scenery was captivating & I promised myself then to make a visit one day).......I'd actually been looking for a flight to Sevilla from Alicante Spain and found a new budget airline Vueling promoting cheap flights to multiple destinations ..........hmmm

I'll have a look where Ooooh now thats interesting Venice ......WELL!! before I knew it I'd booked not only for the 4 days to Venice, but well while I'm at it the Lakes are so close and so in all 11 days I pick up the hire car and drive to Sirmione...... a peninsular on the southern tip of Lake Garda. I'd read about the Castle & Roman Ruins so I could just park myself there for 2 days and explore .......then moving up to the north west of the Lake.... Tremosine looked stunningly beautiful, and believe me nothing can prepare you for living and breathing this experience 3 nights here.........& my last stop Lake Como for me just because the name struck a chord in my memory from childhood I think...anyway that long ago no comment please!then a flight out from Milan. Yes a flying visit in more than one sense but funds didn't allow for the time I would have preffered.........SO...... I took FULL opportunity to engage ALL my senses SIGHT, SOUND, SMELL (and NO!! Venice was not smelly even in July ) although I have heard a few whispers it has occasions when you'd rather not engage that sense.

My flight from Alicante was via Barcelona (must visit one day) the flight in to Venice Marco Polo airport is wonderful captured a few aerial shots gives you a real sense of the scale positioning of important locations

Directly out from the arrivals you will find yourself at the bus stop for theconnection to Venice you can buy a ticket from the machine by the stop or in the arrivals hall ( but normally there is a queue there)....the journey is about 20mins and costs just €3. You'll alight at the Piazzale Roma a short walk to the left will be the vaporetto stop (water bus) .....yes one of my top tips came from a real boo boo I made here I made a decision from two ways to get to my first nights accomodation either a 5min walk or the vaporetto and 3min walk I thought I'll take the 5 min option I forgot to check out the bridges bad move .....did I regret taking so much luggage sure did!!

Arrived at "Antico Capon" hotel I was staying just 1 night in the female 4 bed dorm it was located in the annex but a beautiful old character building full marks for cleanliness........the staff were very friendly and helpful too....and nice chatty Chinese and English roomates made the fleeting stay a pleasure. I was actually glad I had decided to stay here, because I was arriving late in the evening and it seemed such a waste to lose out on most of my first day with my next Hotel (I had treated myself to a room overlooking a canal frequented by Gondolas). But I was pleasantly surprised with Anton Capon it's certainly somewhere I would return to.

Next morning a quick walk around the area for photos "Campo Santa Margherita" is a very charming square

Bustling, Vibrant........where fresh fish is prepared to the delight of the seagulls in Venice (who would have thought,certainly not me) Playful rituals re-enacting later times to the delight of the crowd (no seagulls too busy with the fish) The girl was quoting ancient prose that prompted a daubing & dousing of flour & eggs ........anything nasty.....and apparently enjoyable. Not sure how often this happened but the locals were unfazed so? A unique area of Venice I think.


So it's time to move on to my next accomodation I'm really looking forward to staying at "Hotel Mercurio"....I have read some brilliant reviews.....about the atmosphere (this is no. 1 on my priority list). And yes my first experience was on the button........serenading Gondola along the pretty character canal my balcony overlooked it's proximity to San Marco is excellent ....and as you'll see from my photolog I was there before sunrise to capture the magic of this all time must see.........BUT!! a small matter of transfering my luggage first, thankfully Anton Capon has the facility to store luggage so this time I took 2 trips to move it, although thankfully only 2 bridges and the vaporetto made it easy..........en route I passed "Campo Santa Barbara"another smaller but worthy of a visit square situated on a canal perfect for the cafe culture it seems to have adopted. I did walk back to Campo Santa Margherita it was easily walkable as is most of Venice

And I wanted to see Academia Bridge an amazing wooden structure with comanding views of the Grande Canal ...........this walk also takes in some very interesting side streets & unique little shops with decorated eggs, as well as the prevelant displays of hand made masks to be found just about everywhere from market stalls to the the up market San Marco shops alike, although the quality and the price certainly differs.

So now I'm in my room it's amazing even better than I had imagined, although quite a bit more than I would normally pay I was languishing in a huge double bed on my own ( I know in Venice a complete romantic .....and on my own!! ) well I'll just have to interact with the people outside my balcony ......and surprisingly they were all willing ......tourists on the quaint bridge taking photos of ME!! for a change and in the evening the serenades HOW!!! really!!! some of these guys have great voices. Just what I'd hoped for, Venice had








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